Who is Sanyam Sharma?

There are so many unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma that no one knows. Sanyam is a famous Instagram sensation with more than 250k+ Instagram followers. He is a content creator, an actor, a model, and also a comedian. Overall, you can say that he is a complete entertainment package. Sanyam Sharma age is 23 and he is from Delhi(India) and he loves to create funny content and he routinely posts his substance on Instagram and Youtube also.

He also has a Youtube channel with more than 144k subscribers. Sanyam also loves to post his modeling pictures on Instagram. Sanyam got viral on Instagram from his video “Crush Kaise Pataye ” which he posted last year. That viral video with more than 550k+ views made Sanyam an Instagram sensation overnight. After that Sanyam kept posting so many back-to-back funny videos on his Instagram. Sanyam also does a lot of brand deals from his Instagram account.

Sanyam has a unique way of saying anything, his accent, his way of pronouncing a word would make him so unique and funny from the rest of the content creators. He just posted a reel on Instagram that has so far 2.8 million views on Instagram and so far the highest ever views on his Instagram account. Sanyam’s male fans wanted to consider themselves an individual from “Single Launda Samiti ”because of his famous YouTube video.

Checkout this video by Sanyam Sharma that make his world turned upside down overnight👇


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5 Unknown Facts About Sanyam Sharma

(Unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma)

There are so many unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma that no one knows and some of Sanyam Sharma’s facts are:

5. Sanyam Used To Do Stand Up Comedy

Many of you don’t know these unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma that during his initial days when he was not so famous on Instagram he used to do stand-up comedy every weekend. Comedy has always been his passion and from his school days, he used to be the kid who always made the whole class laugh. He has performed at so many famous venues like Playground Comedy Studio, The Habitat, Happy High and so many other famous venues.

4. Sanyam loves to write poetry


Yeah, you heard it right. He loves to write poetries in his free time. Poetry makes him feel good and works as a stress buster for him. He has posted so many poetries on his Instagram account and he is really so good at it. He loves to write about the weirdness of life and he writes stuff about him too like how he observes things and what he feels about anything. You can say he is a complete polymath.

3. Sanyam loves shooting videos

You all are fully aware of the fact that he loves to post funny content on Instagram, but do you know that he also loves to direct videos too? He used to direct plays in his college days. Back in 2015, Sanyam directed a play for his college theater group and the play was really nice.

2. Sanyam is addicted to cigarette

(Source: instagram )

Above all these unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma, this might be shocking for you. If you also follow Sanyam on his private Instagram page too then you’ll know that he loves to smoke cigarettes. He posts so many pictures of him smoking on his private Instagram account.

1. Sanyam is a huge fan of Irfan Khan


Sanyam is a huge fan of the late Irfan Khan sir. Well, this isn’t quite surprising because everyone single one of us is a huge fan of Irfan Khan’s acting. Sanyam admires Irfan khan so much and if you noticed in his videos that he has a slight touch of Irfan’s impression in his voice, he posted so much stuff about Irfan Khan on his Instagram account.

These were some unknown facts about Sanyam Sharma. Overall we can say that apart from being an excellent content creator, he is also a great human being. Do tell us in the comment section how you like the article.

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