Hey! My name is Abhishek and lots of my friends do poetry in Delhi. They had faced so many difficulties in finding a perfect place to perform in Delhi. But I don’t want you guys to also face the same difficulties. So, here I am ready with my list of top poetry open mic in Delhi.

Do you know there are lots of things in this world that a human can relate to? But do you know which thing a human relates to the most? It’s poetry.

Poetry is a way to convey your feelings, emotions in the most beautiful way to people. We all grew up listening to poetry. And you all must have written something at some point in your life for any reason, maybe someone broke your heart. Just kidding!

Do you also feel like when you watch a YouTube video of your favorite poet performing poetry in front of the audience and felt so relatable with the lines that the poet has said, Or you wonder “what if I can also get a chance to perform at the same stage”? Then what are you waiting for? Identify the poet inside you and start your journey.

But confused about how and where to start it? Then don’t worry. Toplisters have got a whole special list for you of the top poetry open mic in Delhi. Check out where you’ll be spending your weekends from now on.

5 Top Poetry Open Mic In Delhi

top poetry open mic in Delhi
(top poetry open mic in Delhi)

These are the top poetry open mic in Delhi. They do organize poetry competitions in Delhi. Check out the list completely. If you want to contact any of them, feel free to contact them by clicking the visiting link.

Poem and Kahaniyan

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Poem and Kahaniyan organize the most groundbreaking Poetry events in Delhi. You must have seen so many YouTube videos of poets and comedians performing there. They organize open mics every weekend, the nearest metro station is “Maujpur” then you have to walk to the place. 

This place is so good for poets, writers, singers, and stand-up comedians. And if you have talent but you hesitate then this is the right place for you to overcome because the audience and the organizing members are very supportive and charming. Overall it’s one of the top poetry open mic in Delhi.

The Social House

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You must have seen so many YouTube videos of poets and comedians performing there. The Social House is one of the best places to attend Poetry open mic for beginners in Delhi attend and also they do so many live shows.

It is one of the best places for artists to deliver their pieces of work. They host events every weekend and this club is situated in Tilak Nagar close to the Tilak Nagar metro station. They are famous for their poetry events and shows mainly but they are bringing the comedy scene up day by day with regular mics and shows.

The Social House is one of the top poetry open mic in Delhi. However, if you are still confused and have so many doubts like “how to attend live shows?” or “How to perform at The Social House?”. Then watch the given below video from The Social House YouTube channel.

(Source: YouTube)

Mukhota Art Space

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Mukhota Art Space is the best acting school in Delhi. They teach you acting and are famous for their theater group in Delhi. If you are into acting and theater then you should contact them. They teach you from the basics and work for a better foundation for artists.

All artists of any genre are allowed to perform. Be it a poet, singer, comedian, storyteller, beatboxer, and many more. They organize open mics every weekend. It is one of the top poetry open mic in Delhi.

Delhi Poetry Slam

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Delhi Poetry Slam is famous for organizing the most creative and unique slam poetry events and workshops across India! You should be fully aware of stage presence if you want to perform here because only professional artists are allowed to perform here. 

They’re a place for poets to feel at home. You can watch and perform poetry just by contacting the club by visiting their site and book your spot just on a phone call


List of Top Poetry Open Mic in Delhi For Making Your Weekends Special

Salosh is a Platform to help your artist come out and shone like a star! I must recommend everyone to come and perform once. A very heartwarming place for artists, poets, rappers, storytellers, and singers. This place is dedicated to art inside you. Salosh is one of the top poetry open mic in Delhi.

If you reside nearby Dwarka then you must visit this place at least once. It does not matter if you are an artist or not but you can be a part of Salosh as a listener, as an audience, and can see the magic of words.

These are the 5 top poetry open mic in Delhi. Although there are lots of open mics that are host by different clubs at different locations and times, these places will provide you some great experiences.


It depends, sometimes poetry open mic in Delhi is free, and sometimes they do charge you an average of 100-150rs.

See, it depends. Sometimes you’ll gonna kill the open mic or maybe sometimes you suck!

No, you can not do it. You may get banned from performing in open mics. You can not break the Plagiarism rule.

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